Lilliput Electronics Co., Ltd
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  • Profile
    Total area of:
    6000 square meters
    (64583 square feet)
    Located in:
      Mansion of Optoelectronics, Hengsan Road, Lantian Industrial Zone
      China (mainland) , 363005
    Built in 1995

  • Staff Details
    Production Staff: 200 to 249
    QC Staff: 10 to 19
    R&D Staff: 30 to 39



The side of factory-1


  • Site Advantages/Description
    Located in Zhangzhou city, Fujian Province. It's just 1 hour away from Xiamen Airport and 50km away from Xiamen Dock, convenient for us to arrange the shipment.

  • Materials/Components
    We source key components from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China. There are screens, IC, resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

  • Machinery/Production Process
    Machinery: SMT Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Soldering Machine, Curve Tracer, Dielectric Strength Tester, Signal Generater, Environmental Tester, Assembly Line. Production Process: Purchase Component-QC-Warehouse-Distribute, Screen Process-Inspectio-QC, Surface-Inspectio-QC, Plug-in-Inspectio-QC, Semi-finished Products Warehouse-Assembly Line-PCB Board First Adjust-Whole Test-Assembly-Inspectio-Aging-Finish Product-Packing-Finish Product-Final.

The side of factory-2