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    10 to 19

  • Machinery/Equipment for R&D
  • Pattern generator
  • Video signal generator
  • Frequency generator
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Color analyzer
  • Temperature/humidity chamber
  • Brightness meter
  • Oscilloscope


    • Awards & Other Recognitions
      ISO 9001:2000-certified quality management system.

    • Profile
      We spend over $600,000 annually in R&D programs to create a steady stream of products for technology-conscious buyers like you and your customers. Our strong R&D team constantly develops new products. In fact, we are the first manufacturer in mainland China to produce LCD monitors in 1996, touch screens in 2001, the first-ever One-DIN car PC.
      Our R&D teams focus on touch screen LCDs for any application; develop embedded systems and panel PC. We’re able to redesign and adjust both hardware and software to match any of your cost and application requirements.